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Written by  Jan 04, 2017

1. The Government of Burundi has learned with indignation the attempt to assassinate Mr. Willy NYAMITWE, Senior Adviser in charge of Communication to the Presidency of the Republic on the night spanning from Monday 28 to Tuesday 29 November 2016.

2. This attempt follows a message posted by one of the extremists wanted by Burundian justice and under international arrest warrant, Mr. Pacifique NININAHAZWE on his Twitter account reading : "You must pulverize, you must exterminate these people". This message was posted on November 24th, 2016 ; the day after the Senate of Belgium had reserved a warm welcome to this individual and his team on November 21, 2016, in spite of the protests of the Government and the Senate of Burundi.

3. The judicial authorities of Burundi had long since issued a warrant to get this individual arrested for having played a key role in the insurgency, murders and other atrocities perpetrated in Burundi during this period and requested in vain the cooperation of the Government of Belgium which hosts the major part of these criminals.

4. The Tweet followed by Willy NYAMITWE’s assassination attempt is further evidence that the acts of destabilization observed in Burundi weigh on the shoulders of Pacific NININAHAZWE and his team for whom the Belgian authorities constantly roll out the red carpet. The message validates further the arrogance accumulated over the honors received from Belgium.

5. The Government once again requests the International Community, and particularly Belgium, to cooperate with the judiciary in accordance with the arrest warrants issued by Burundian judicial authorities to get arrested this individual and his accomplices whose responsibility in the targeted assassinations is no longer to be demonstrated.

6. Finally, the Government wishes a speedy recovery to Mr. Willy NYAMITWE

Done at Bujumbura, 29st of November 2016




Secretary-General and Spokesman

of the Government.-

Last modified on Saturday, 14 January 2017 12:27
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