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Written by  Jan 04, 2017

1. The Government of Burundi welcomes the position taken by the African Union on Friday, 11 November 2016, through the 21st Meeting of Military Operations Coordination Committee of troop contributors to the AMISOM, a meeting chaired by the Commissioner For Peace and Security of the African Union, to reject the initiative of the European Union to pay the salary of Burundian soldiers engaged in peacekeeping mission in Somalia without going through Burundian institutions. This position is in line with the position already expressed by the Government of Burundi on the issue.


2. The measure of the European Union to divide contingent troops from different African countries against a common enemy which is terrorism is not only counterproductive, but also would undermine the morale of all the troops involved Against the Al-Shabaab terrorist group and conversely raise the morale of the latter.


3. The Government of Burundi rather requests the European Union to honor its commitments vis-à-vis the African Union by unlocking without delay the salaries of the Burundian troops engaged valiantly against the enemy and which have been unjustly blocked for roughly ten months. This should be carried out in accordance with the terms contained in the Memorandum of Understanding with the African Union.


4. The Government calls on the European Union not to extend the effects of its disagreement with Burundi on its domestic policy to the entire African Union family by penalizing troops engaged in peacekeeping operations. It is neither human nor morally acceptable to deprive troops engaged in such a noble cause of means of subsistence.


5. The Government of Burundi would like to take this opportunity to congratulate and encourage the Burundian contingent deployed in Somalia for their discipline and self-abnegation, in spite of the conditions of work made difficult by the unfair blocking of their salary by the European Union despite the heavy sacrifice made so far since their deployment.


6. The Government calls on these valiant peacekeepers to keep up the morale they have always shown, particularly at this time when the African Union has joined its voice to that of the Government to show them its solidarity and unwavering support ; a way of expressing the satisfaction of the International Community for their achievements on the ground.


7. The Government of Burundi also congratulates all the members of the defense and security forces deployed throughout the world for peacekeeping, particularly in Haiti and the African countries, where their work has always been exemplary.


8. The Government also condemns the unfair treatment and humiliation inflicted on the Burundian police contingent deployed within the MINUSCA in the Central African Republic, which despite the commendable work in this country torn apart by the civil war, despite brilliantly securing the Transitional Institutions and the entire electoral process, were refused the renewal of their mandate, and at the instigation of the partners hostile to the policy of national reconciliation initiated by the Government, among others the European Union.


9. The Government requests the United Nations to reconsider all the various misleading and false accusations that have been unfairly aimed against Burundian security forces deployed in peacekeeping missions for their rehabilitation.


10. For its part, the Government will not fail to provide them with all the necessary moral and material support to enable them to defend the honor and the colors of Burundi within and outside its borders.


Done at Bujumbura, July 13, 2016




Secretary-General and Spokesman

of the Government.-

Last modified on Saturday, 14 January 2017 12:22
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