It is with consternation and profound sadness that the Head of State and Father of the Nation learned of the death of the Mother of the Hero of Democracy in Burundi, which occurred on the 27th day of January 2018.


The outstanding Mother has been characterized by compassion, indulgence and a spirit of encouragement and self-sacrifice towards other people. The restraint and the message of peace following the assassination of his son and Hero of Democracy in Burundi, His Excellency Melchior Ndadaye, perfectly illustrate the charisma and grandeur of this Brave Mother.


The President of the Republic of Burundi, on behalf of the Government and people of Burundi, extends his condolences to the family, friends and acquaintances of the beloved departed, and to the friends of democracy for whom the outstanding departed had become a genuine source of inspiration.


The Head of State asks the Government to take full charge of all the funeral expenses in connection the Mother of the Hero of Democracy in Burundi and to ensure that she is accompanied in dignity to her last home.


As He had made it a tradition since 2005, the Head of State seizes this opportunity to reiterate his personal commitment to constantly assist, as far as possible, and in his absolute discretion, the relatives of His Excellency Melchior Ndadaye.


The Father of the Nation finally implores the Almighty God to welcome into his Kingdom the soul of Madam Thérèse Bandushubwenge who has just left us and to comfort those she leaves behind so that they can find patience, courage and the strength to overcome this period of mourning.                                                  


                                                           Done at Bujumbura, 28/01/2018

                                                              J.C Karerwa Ndenzako